Development Team

TeachOnline@UW: Plan & Design Online Workshop Series Development Team

The Online Faculty Development Committee Core Team

This workshop series was planned, developed, and facilitated by the very dedicated online faculty development team who volunteer their time to plan learning community activities. It is interesting to note that the online course facilitators responded to over 500 discussion posts and provided feedback on over 400 online activities from 21 assignments that required significant time and reflection between September 5 and December 5 of 2014.

Development Team Group Photograph
Team members (from left to right):

Kevin Thompson, Division of Information Technology (DoIT) Academic Technology (AT)
Jonathan Klein, L&S Learning Support Services
Karen Skibba, Project Lead, Division of Continuing Studies (DCS)
Kari Jordahl, Division of Information Technology (DoIT) Academic Technology (AT)
Mark Millard, College of Engineering, Engineering Professional Development (EPD)
Greg Konop, Division of Information Technology (DoIT) Academic Technology (AT)

Sarah McDaniel, UW-Madison Libraries
Carrie Nelson (not pictured), UW-Madison Libraries
Nicole Olthafer (not pictured), Division of Information Technology (DoIT) Academic Technology (AT)
Phil Curran (not pictured), Division of Information Technology (DoIT) Academic Technology (AT)
Sheila Stoeckel (not pictured), UW-Madison Libraries

What the Participants Said About the Course and Facilitators

"Thanks to the facilitators and funders for investing in us as learners!"

"I heartily congratulate the instructors for putting this together; it was a uniquely valuable and effective experience. I was impressed by the huge amount of work that obviously went into preparing and delivering such an excellent course."

"Excellent course! The faculty were awesome and attended to our questions as they arose in a timely manner. Our frank discussions were appreciatedto the best of my observations the myth of just posting an online lecture and calling it online teaching has been demystified!"

"A sincere 'thank you' to all the faculty in this course! You were all dedicated and I learned a great deal —a very valuable workshop!"

"The facilitators did an excellent job of modeling possibility, communicating, just generally keeping us going — and reinforcing one can't do it all as well as one would like the first pass."

According to Karen Skibba, TeachOnline@UW Project Lead:

“The online course helped the participants experience the design and facilitation of an online course from a student perspective. By experiencing an authentic online course where they participated in activities and group discussions helped shape what they will do or not do in their own online courses."  Skibba added, “Many volunteered their time to make the online course a high-quality experience and provide feedback on the many interactive activities, online discussions, and face-to-face collaborative sessions.  Their time and talent made this program a success."

This series and the TeachOnline@UW Learning Community are both pilot programs funded by an Educational Innovation Grant and Summer Term, Division of Continuing Studies. These programs are developed and facilitated by a cross-campus committee with a mission to provide faculty and instructional staff with support to develop and teach online courses. Committee members include instructional staff from the College of Engineering, the Division of Continuing Studies, the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) Academic Technology, Letters & Science (L&S) Learning Support Services, and UW-Madison Libraries.