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New Website Provides Resources for Online Teaching and Learning

posted May 25, 2016, 8:36 AM by Karen Skibba   [ updated May 25, 2016, 8:49 AM ]

Design+Teach+Engage website was recently launched to provide teaching and learning resources for designing, teaching, and engaging students in online courses. You can also find many useful ideas for blended and face-to-face courses. Design+Teach+Engage is brought to you by the Division of Continuing Studies and contributors from across campus, and is funded, in part, by an EI Small Grant.

Inspire Teaching Transformation: A Faculty Learning Community Approach for Quality Online Courses

posted Apr 20, 2016, 8:38 AM by Nicole Mcintosh   [ updated Apr 20, 2016, 8:39 AM ]

TeachOnline@UW was featured at the 21st Annual Online Learning Consortium last year where the online learning community method was the focus. For more information on this presentation, visit the session information page.

Abstract: "Hear how a faculty learning community applies experiential and adult learning strategies that inspire and motivate instructors to design and teach engaging online courses."

Transitioning Course Re-Design Learning Communities into a Community of Practice

posted Apr 4, 2016, 1:27 PM by Nicole Mcintosh   [ updated Apr 5, 2016, 11:11 AM ]

The Following is an excerpt about TeachOnline@UW from the Professional & Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD).

UW-Madison has implemented several approaches to faculty learning communities that teach online and blended course design, effective teaching, and leadership. These programs seek to sustain the power of faculty sharing best practices for course redesign and building collaborations to continue to transform teaching and learning after the learning communities end. Join us as we discuss the challenges and best practices for developing and sustaining faculty learning communities in research universities, including creation of a Community of Practice to sustain and support the ongoing campus conversation. And share methods to engage and, encourage participation, especially with limited funding.

Featured Article: "Finding the Keys to Unlock Online Teaching Success"

posted Apr 4, 2016, 1:16 PM by Nicole Mcintosh   [ updated Apr 4, 2016, 1:17 PM ]

Read about TeachOnline@UW in the MediaShift article "Finding the Keys to Unlock Online Teaching Success."

Excerpt: "Most universities have resources and technology available to help instructors create or transition existing classes to an online environment, so don’t try to do it alone. I’ve been accepted into a year-long learning community at UW-Madison to learn how to develop an online class, and then facilitate it once it’s up and running. The community brings together others who are going through the same process, allowing the group to share resources and ideas, said Karen Skibba of UW-Madison’s Division of Continuing Studies, who facilitates the group."

Key points in the article include being prepared to teach online, building an online persona, and seeking assistance from programs such as TeachOnline@UW to help instructors design and facilitate quality online courses.

Upcoming Presentation: Providing Flexible, Practical, and Transformative Online Faculty Development

posted Apr 4, 2016, 12:59 PM by Nicole Mcintosh   [ updated Apr 4, 2016, 1:08 PM ]

Read about our upcoming presentation in the Online Learning Consortium article "Providing Flexible, Practical, and Transformative Online Faculty Development."

Brief Abstract: "Learn how varying flexible faculty development approaches were leveraged and combined into one web portal to help instructors plan and teach quality online courses."

UW-Madison is growing its online course offerings and needs to provide online faculty development to larger numbers of instructors who all cannot participate in the full-year learning community due to lack of time or timing of their course offerings. Many of these instructors need just in time resources and training to fit in their busy schedules and prepare to design and teach online courses within a short period of time.

To meet this need, UW-Madison developed a web portal to provide one place that instructors and those who support instructors can go to for course design and teaching strategies and resources. The web portal was designed to provide these resources in ways to meet the needs of faculty based on their time availability, needs, and interests. To utilize the high-quality content that was already developed for the TeachOnline@UW learning community workshops, the units from the three courses were chunked and repackaged.  

Distance Education Report: Using a Faculty Learning Community to Improve Online Teaching

posted Mar 29, 2016, 2:16 PM by Nicole Mcintosh   [ updated Mar 31, 2016, 2:52 PM by Karen Skibba ]

Read about TeachOnline@UW in the Distance Education Report article "Using a Faculty Learning Community to Improve Online Teaching."

Abstract: “When instructors transition from face-to-face to online teaching, they often experience many challenges. These challenges stem not only from the new pedagogical, social, managerial, and technological roles required of them, but also from the frequent lack of incentives or time to learn these new roles and thus create quality online courses.” This is the justification behind a new faculty learning committee and training program at the University of Wisconsin- Madison.

Called TeachOnline@UW, this program is positioned as “a year-long faculty learning community where participants would experience quality online course materials, share experiences with colleagues, and ultimately transform their teaching practices for the online environment.”

TeachOnline@UW Presentation at the 2015 Distance Teaching & Learning Conference

posted Aug 3, 2015, 11:53 AM by Mark Millard   [ updated Mar 31, 2016, 2:55 PM by Karen Skibba ]

Monona Terrace, courtesy of UW-Madison University Communications

Check out our presentation at the 2015 Distance Teaching & Learning Conference in Madison, WI. We will be presenting on successes and lessons learned from our first TeachOnline@UW Faculty Development Learning Community. Presentation information and links are included below.  


Karen Skibba, Senior Instructional Designer; Jonathan Klein, Instructional Technology Consultant; Kari Jordahl, Senior Instructional Designer/Developer; and Mark Millard, Director of Learning Design and Technologies, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Conference Abstract:

Learn how to plan a faculty development program for online course design and teaching that combines adult-learning strategies with interactive online activities, face-to-face group meetings, and peer learning. The presenters will highlight strategies from a campus pilot that placed faculty in the role of online “students.” Take away ideas to help instructors experience and apply effective pedagogical and technological approaches.

In the News: Community of practice helps faculty and staff step into role of online learner

posted Aug 3, 2015, 11:13 AM by Mark Millard   [ updated Aug 3, 2015, 12:39 PM by Nicole Mcintosh ]

TeachOnline@UW Faculty Learning Community
This past year, more than 20 faculty and instructional staff received another chance at being a student — a role reversal that allowed each of them to explore the opportunities and challenges facing today’s online learners and instructors... 

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