Past Program

TeachOnline@UW 2014-2015 Program

As part of this pilot program, three workshops took place from June 2014 to April 2015: 1) Getting Started, 2) Plan & Design, and 3) Facilitation & Management. Details and summaries of each of these workshops are provided in the table of contents to the left.

Twenty-three faculty and instructional staff were chosen from 60 applicants to participate in this year-long learning community.

An additional eight instructors and five teaching assistants, who received grants to develop summer online courses, participated in two of the three workshops (Getting Started and Facilitation & Management).

The people involved and the results of this program are also provided in the table of contents.

Following are some participant comments about this year-long learning community:

"I have already made several changes to my online course based on what I have learned in this series."

"The online class had an incredible amount of info in it and I learned a ton just being an online student over a whole year."

"The online modules were informative and well-organized, and this online course gave me the opportunity to experience an online class from my students' perspective. The face-to-face meetings were extremely
valuable in enabling me to learn from others and elaborate on what I learned in the online modules."

" I had access to experienced online instructional design people who were able to come up with options I didn't think about before. They were willing to push us on our assumptions — and given a lot of teaching experience among the group  — this was important."

This workshop ended May 1, 2015 in a culmination event (see slide show to the right) of the year-long learning community where participants shared lessons learned.