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6) Culmination Presentations

Culmination Event Reflective Group Presentations 

The TeachOnline@UW learning community participants worked in teams throughout the spring 2015 semester to develop and then present the following topics at the final culmination event that took place on May 1, 2015. Their goal was to share important reflections on designing and teaching quality online courses to program sponsors and supporters.

Activities and Interaction Video Link
Learning Activities and Interaction

Main Idea: TeachOnline@UW helped in the discovery of new ideas for learning activities and interaction. Online courses can be lively environments with robust interaction and meaningful activities. Being a part of TeachOnline@UW provided a space to be creative, while identifying ways to structure learning activities that work in an online environment.

Members: Alan Carroll, Heather Kirkorian, Michael Doran, Jamie Schauer, and Jae Park; Facilitators: Kari Jordahl and Kevin Thompson

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Managing an Online Course Video
Managing an Online Course

Main Idea: The TeachOnline@UW program helped in identifying new approaches to effectively manage an online course. Designing a course is only half of the challenge. With an online course there is considerable competition in capturing the attention of students. To succeed in an online course, students need consistent communication, clear guidelines, and meaningful connection with the instructor. The TeachOnline@UW workshop provided access to tools and strategies that aim to help instructors connect with students.

Members: Lalita du Perron, Michelle Besant, Chris Choi, Parvathy Pillai, and Sigan Hartley; Facilitator: Karen Skibba

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Instructional Design Tools Video
Topic: Instructional Design Tools

Main Idea: TeachOnline@UW offered instructional design tools that provide an organized method of approaching a course design project. An online course development project is complicated. Tools like course maps, backward design, learning objectives, Quality Matters, and enduring ideas, provide a pathway forward. TeachOnline@UW provided helpful mechanisms for sketching out high level priorities that make the design process a more clear and manageable endeavor.

Members: Joy Altweis, Lisa Hebgen, John Zumbrunnen, Eileen Nelson, and Akbar Sayeed; Facilitators: Mark Millard and Carrie Nelson

Challenges Video Link
Topic: Remaining Challenges for Online Teaching

Main Idea: Despite the preparation of the TeachOnline@UW program, challenges remain for an online instructor. Managing technology & making time to adequately plan, teach, and maintain the course are among the most considerable obstacles in feeling confident in a new teaching paradigm.

Members: Sue Wenker, Susie Barnett, Dan Noguera, Catherine Smith, Tracy Schroepfer, and Alan Rubel; Facilitator: Jonathan Klein