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3) Plan & Design Workshop


Twenty two faculty and instructional staff participated in a workshop series called TeachOnline@UW: Plan & Design. This is the second of three workshops to share best practices for designing and teaching online courses.
Participants were members of a year-long online course design learning community.

This workshop consisted of six online units and seven face-to-face sessions to provide research-based pedagogical strategies that led the participants through the planning and design of an online course.


  • Applied principles of instructional design and research-based quality standards to design/redesign online courses.
  • Experienced and reflected on pedagogical and technological best practices to develop course content, and increase communication, collaboration, and active learning.
  • Drafted a high-level course map that aligned objectives, assessments, instructional materials, and learning activities

The participants completed periodic surveys about the workshops. Key findings indicated:

  • 100% were satisfied with the program. 
  • 100% recommend this program to other instructors. 
  • 100% said the workshop had the right number of activities (participants completed 21 assignments in 6 online units). 
  • 97% gained practical knowledge they could apply to 
    their courses. 
What Participants Said
  • "I feel more confident in the sense that I am aware of many more tools, strategies, and technologies that are available to us."
  • "It really made me think about teaching in a way that nothing else ever has. I hope to be a better online and face-to-face teacher because of it."
  • "I learned most from the experience of being an online student, something I had not done before."
Review more quotes and lessons learned from video presentations and workshop evaluations.