Schedule (2014/2015)

Summer 2014 Getting Started Series




Estimated Time

May 21-June 3, 2014


Short online modules - participants complete independently

  • Explore how an online course can transform teaching and learning.
  • Identify enduring ideas, skills, or abilities that students will remember five years or more after the course.

7 hours (approx.)

June 4, 2014


Full day face-to-face workshop (8:15 to 4:30, Pyle Center, 702 Langdon Street.


  • Discuss best practices for online course design and development with experienced online instructors and campus experts.
  • Begin drafting a one-week instructional plan for an online course using evidence and research-based best practices.
  • Align a course topic, objective(s), assessment of student learning, instructional materials, and learning activities.

8 hours
(includes light breakfast, lunch, and breaks)

Anytime over the summer

Online readings and resources

  • Review readings and resources over the summer to prepare for the fall 2014 online and face-to-face sessions.

Varies – based on the readings and resources reviewed

Optional: August 12, 13, & 14, 2014

Learning community participants can request free registration at the Distance Teaching & Learning Conference held in Madison.

  • Attend the full conference, a pre-conference, or select days of the conference to participate.
  • Meet as a group over meals to discuss ideas and strategies to apply to designing and teaching online courses.  
  • Conference details will be available by the end of March.

Varies - based on participation at the conference


Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 Series




Estimated Time

Fall 2014 Semester

"Plan & Design" Workshop Series

Online modules + face-to-face sessions every other week.
  • September 5
  • September 19
  • October 3
  • October 17
  • October 31
  • November 14
  • December 5

Time: Noon to 1:30 p.m.

  • Focus on strategies, activities, and technologies to design a quality online course.
  • In-depth topics include developing learning objectives, assessment strategies, instructional materials, and learning activities.

2-3 hours a week completing online course activities.

1.5 hours face-to-face every other week.

Spring 2015 Semester

"Facilitation & Management"  Workshop Series

Online modules + face-to-face sessions every other week. In-person dates to be determined based on participants' availability.

  • Focus on strategies, best practices, and resources for teaching and facilitating an online course. 
  • In-depth topics include managing course workload, student communication and engagement, preparation tasks prior to teaching an online course, and facilitating student participation.

2-3 hours a week completing online course activities


1.5 hours face-to-face every other week.

May 2015, date TBD

The learning community will culminate in an end-of-year recognition luncheon.

  • Participants will share what they plan to use in their online courses.
  • Certificates of completion will be awarded.
Approximately 2 hours

Evaluation of the Learning Community Experience

As part of the grant requirements, learning community participants will be asked to provide feedback on how to improve the resources and workshops offered to help faculty and instructional staff design and teach online courses.

  • Participate in focus groups, individual interviews, and surveys about the learning community and resources.
  • Be willing to include a few questions in student surveys administered in an online course taught after participating in the learning community to evaluate if this experience helped to enhance online course design and facilitation.

 Approximately 2  hours

For more information or questions, please e-mail TeachOnline@UW Registration.