Plan & Design Workshop: What Participants Said

Following are a few participant quotes (from the workshop evaluation survey) along with brief video clips from their final presentations. Learning community participants were asked to present about how participating in the online course and the face-to-face sessions has influenced how they will design or teach online.

Links to all of the participant final presentation videos are also provided at the bottom of this page.

Gained Knowledge to Design Online Courses

"My view of online course design has evolved significantly." 

"It has given me a structure to follow as I approach each unit that I can rely on to help me keep 
focused on achieving as much alignment as possible."
"It helped me develop a systematic approach to thinking through my course - previously, I felt like 
let the textbook dictate the course layout. Now, I have developed enduring ideas and learning objectives and have a better sense for how to help students absorb, understand, and apply these enduring ideas."

"I leave the workshop with a much better idea of what I'm trying to accomplish, a clear sense of what I can set aside as not central to my objectives, and many more tools to use." 

                                Became Better Online Instructors

"This workshop has been an eye opener and a transformative experience. The knowledge I have gained will impact all aspects of my teaching... I am very excited about the possibilities going forward."

I’m changed forever. Reinvigorated as a teacher.The students and I are having more meaningful engagement than I have ever had!”

"I was sort of doubtful when I began this program about what I would learn. However, through participating throughout the semester, I'm completely sold. Everyone on this campus should take this course! Everyone! We must learn how to teach online."

"Not once in my teaching career have I been exposed to the level of thinking about teaching as I have in this course. There is no doubt that we will all be more effective teachers in F2F as well as online settings as a result of the course." 

Mini-Presentations from Fall 2014
(Most are approximately two minutes.)

Participants were asked to briefly explain what they discovered during the Plan & Design workshop that sparked their imagination. Including, strategies to try, key ideas that will impact their courses, and what was their most significant learning experience. Following are videos of their mini-presentations.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
School of Human Ecology
School of Pharmacy
School of Medicine and Public Health